schlep, schlepp [{{t}}ʃlep] (pt & pp schlepped, cont schlepping) esp {{}}American{{}} {{}}familiar{{}}
1 transitive verb
trimbaler, trimballer;
I've got to schlep(p) all this stuff over to the office il faut que je trimbal(l)e ou transbahute tous ces trucs au bureau
2 intransitive verb
(walk) crapahuter;
to schlep home rentrer chez soi à pinces;
I had to schlep to the grocery store il a fallu que je crapahute jusqu'à l'épicerie
3 noun
(a) (person) crétin(e) m,f, lourdaud(e) mf
(b) esp {{}}American{{}} {{}}familiar{{}} (journey) trotte f;
it's a bit of a schlep to the supermarket ça fait une trotte jusqu'au supermarché
schlep(p) about, schlep(p) around {{}}American{{}}
1 inseparable transitive verb
to schlep around the town crapahuter en ville
2 intransitive verb

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